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December 16/A lot of show history to be done

As you know Ken just did his 700th show on Monday. That means there are somewhere around 700 sets of show notes to be put in. It's really easy to edit. Just go to the show history section of the site. Choose a month and click on it. Click on the edit button next to the date of the show. Change Story 1 to the name of the first story and so on and so forth. That's it! If you want to see the show history, click on the i button in iTunes under the podcast section.
November 8/Getting started
We've got a lot of work to get done. First thing I'd recommend doing is making a new page for yourself. Let us know who you are from the forums, etc. I'll be working on an index for that. Second thing is to grab a day of the week and put together the show notes for it. You can find the show on iTunes, grab a month and put in the show notes. Third...well let's just focus on the show history.

If you know anything about Wikipedia, you will be most appreciated. Drop me a line on the forums.


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